Re: Copyright, - we won't solve it here

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#1 Wed, 1994-11-09 23:41
Trudy Morse
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Re: Copyright, - we won't solve it here

Dr. K. baby. Please check out my friend, Richard Stallman.

The copywright system seems very antiquated to me. For instance, my friend, Pozzi, who does mathematical equations in music, has had her model displayed on a new CD by Angel, "Hildegard von Bingen". She is devastated!

I told her I will call the President of Angel, explain she is President of the International Society of Hildegard von Bingen, and I am sure, she will write the next liner notes and have her models displayed, with credits.

Pozzi doesn't even care about the money. She is devastated that she did not get the credits!

But, Dr. K., I am sure you know the math, the music, the poetry belongs to the world. Sun Ra says it himself. It's just a gift channelled to us, for some reason. Some have one gift; another, a different gift. They don't belong to us! We take care of the gift, and especially Sun Ra, when he leaves the planet, the whole globe should partake of its essense.

Remember, how Sun Ra talks about the four elements; and the fifth: essence.