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#1 Wed, 1994-11-09 23:30
Trudy Morse
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Re: Saturn collection details(!)

Hi: Couldn't sleep all night, with so much interest in copywrights! My son seems to think that scanning brings up a factor of 1% error, which is tedious to correct. I would guess we have 300 poems at this time, one per sheet. Of course, I could give you exact number.

I was getting ready to hire someone to type all the pages, but these were typed by Sun Ra himself, which I think very precious, and without a single typo! I sincerely feel this is his legacy! There is no music that we can play, although many lead sheets, with notes for performance.

Maybe, the music was to earn a living so that he could write the poetry?

I'll be back in touch when I return Dec. 1. Affectionately Trudy

It does seem fitting that Ala should handle this!