FWD: Playlist for "Nubian Roots", 90.1 KZSU, Stanford, Nov 4,

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FWD: Playlist for "Nubian Roots", 90.1 KZSU, Stanford, Nov 4,

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Playlist for "Nubian Roots" 90.1 KZSU, Stanford

Friday 06:00-09:00 November 4, 1994 DJ Cat

E-mail: cathya@gain.com

                            DJ Cat


Artist Track Album

  1. Don Cherry Pettiford Bridge Multi Kulti
  2. Sun Ra The Others in Their Fate in a Pleasant Mood/ World When the Sun Comes Out
  3. Sun Ra The Rain Maker " "
  4. Frank Lowe Decision in Paradise Decision in Paradise
  5. Ernest Dawkins Goldinger South Side Street Songs
  6. Rodney Kendrick Totem Dance World Dance
  7. David Murray/ Essential Soul The Real Deal Milford Graves
  8. Andrew Cyrille Metamusian Stomp Metamusian Stomp
  9. Dewey Redman Funcity Dues Coincide
  10. Reggie Workman Estelle's Theme Summit Conference
  11. Betty Carter Lover Man Feed the Fire
  12. Geri Allen Trio RTC Twenty One
  13. William Hooker [Prism] Radiation
  14. John Coltrane Out of this World Live in Seattle

                    DJ Glen Solomon


Artist Track Album

  1. Anthony Braxton Arkanthe Trio (London 1993) Evan Parker/ Paul Rutherford
  2. Hank Mobley No Room For Squares No Room For Squares
  3. Andrew Hill New Monastery Point of Departure
  4. Pat Metheny P to 2 Tolerance for Noise
  5. Roland Kirk The Black&Crazy Blues The Inflated Tears
  6. World Sax 4-tet Su Mama Ah Zuma Metamorphosis
  7. Sausage Temporary Phase Riddles R Abound Tonight
  8. Charles Mingus Profile of Jackie Pithocanthropus Erectus
  9. Chris Whitley Poison Girl Kick the Stone
  10. The Extra Malevolent City Scope Infidelity Glenn's
  11. C. Anderson/ My Protagonist Kim You're the Guy I Want to W. Burroughs Share My Money With

  12. Uncle Tupelo Black Eye March 16-20 1992

  13. Azail Snail Fumarole/Fumarole Fumarole Rising Rising
  14. Drag King Back Burner Jazz Monster
  15. Sebadoh Magnetic Coil Bake Sale