JJI & Voce

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#1 Fri, 1994-11-04 00:17
Bob Lamb
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JJI & Voce

bill kenz you could be starting something and i'm not sure that the list is the place, what would HE say (suspect he'd grin and chuckle !).

voce has been engaged in a running battle with the editor of 'Jazz At Ronnie Scott's' a guy named Jim Godbolt, for some years .... it is quite nasty and vitriolic .... both write well and voce has done much for jazz on merseyside ( that's the liverpool area) with his well established radio weekly programmes ......

better stop at this point !

bob ( who tries to steer a middle course )

ps voce confided some time ago that the only reason that he wanted to live longer than godbolt was that he didn't want godbolt to write his obituary !