JJI, Jazz Journal International

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JJI, Jazz Journal International

Skipping over the entire October contributions, I realized that the question for details on JJI, Jazz Journal International - it was mentioned here that it carries an article on Gilmore in its Oct-1994 issue -, hasn't been answered completely. I was lucky to find more information in my storage... so here we go:

Jazz Journal International The World's Greatest Jazz Magazine Great Britain

Published monthly, in english, about 44 pages, with features, interviews, news, dates, reviews of concerts/records/books; all jazz styles (mainly main stream). Price of a yearly abonnement to Germany (! - I don't have other countries, sorry) is 33 UK Pounds.

Chief editor: Eddie Cook

Address: Jazz Journal Limited 1-5 Clerkenwell Road London EC1M 5PA Great Britain

Tel. +44 71 6081348 +44 71 6081362 FAX +44 71 6081292