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Trudy Morse
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Re: The Immeasurable Equation

Dr. K darling. When do you get the time to type in all of this stuff! You are a walking enclopedia... Love to the family amd Hartmut. Been away for so long, but an writing to Jerry Gordon, to find out if he can finance some part of the trip to the USA for Hartmut. Been so busy, that I can't get around to cleaning up the clerical work. I'm at Michael's right now.

Do any of your Evidence records have the address of Jerry Gordon;, Evidence records? Maybe, if there is an address, you can start the enquiry and write to him. I, of course, will follow up.

But you are such a fantastic writer (your second profession!) why wait for me? Open, suggesting Trudy says you should write. Describe the Exhibit (much better than I can). My hope is the New Orleans Jazz Festival, or our Sun Ra Memorial, May 1995.

There is also the Olympics in Atlanta, George 1996, I believe.

Several times, Jerry Gordon has asked if I needed money for the Sun Ra Institute, but each time, I refused since I had no idea what to spend it on. But, now I believe the Exhibit is so good, and maybe he could see a connection with selling records, that maybe he would finance, at least the transportation over to the USA.

Once we got the exhibit here, hopefully, we could get it through the network to the various compuses. Or maybe Goethe Institute would help.

More, later. I'm not home now, but I will be away again, having just returned from Seattle.

All my love, and do talk about this with Hartmut.