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#1 Wed, 1994-11-02 19:57
Trudy Morse
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Re: Sun Ra 171 Required Booklist

Hi darlings. Just returned from Seatle. Beutiful performqnce, over 200 persons. Very enthusiastic. Arranged by Michael Monhart. He will be going to India on Fullbright scholarship and I shall be joining him when he gets settled.

Studying Tibet music. Dali Lama has moved temples to Dharmalasa in Northern India.

Spent some time in Denver on my son's gig: "Parting Visions" and he was carrying several books which described the Dharmalasa. Never an accident!

Am overwhelmed by the fantastic list you published! Also, the list of poetry. You know, of course, of my own collection, which seems so small in comparison.

While in Weisbaden at the Hildegard Symposium, someone suggested that it would not be too difficult to get it all on cumputer. What do you think of this idea? Someone at MIT has enquired if it has been coded? We don't know who it is, but I thought I would get a message out to the four or five I know who visited with Sun Ra, when he visited there some years ago.

Do you have any ideas how this could be done? I have already noticed a number of subjects: death, nothingness, vibrations, etc.

I shall be away for awhile, but my messages wait for me! The Chopin Prelude in A Major performed both in San Francisco and Seattle was superb. Juliun Priester in Seattle was fantastic. And Michael was also very exceptional on the sax!

My love to the family! Trudy