Blue Note Connoisseur Series Query

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#1 Wed, 1994-11-02 10:25
Glenn Lea
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Blue Note Connoisseur Series Query

Joe Moudry asked which BNCS's had alternate tracks. Here goes:

  1. The empty foxhole / Ornette Coleman [B2-28982] - No bonus tracks
  2. Judgment / Andrew Hill [B2-28981] - alt of "Yokada Yokada"
  3. Components / Bobby Hutcherson [B2-29027] - No bonus tracks
  4. The connection / Freddie Redd [B2-89392] - No bonus tracks
  5. The all seeing eye / Wayne Shorter [B2-29100] - No bonus tracks
  6. Stop and listen / Baby Face Willette [B2-28998] - new track "They can't take that away from me"
  7. True blue / Tina Brooks [B2-28975] - alts of "True Blue", "Good Old Soul"
  8. Symphony for improvisers / Don Cherry [B2-28976] - No bonus tracks
  9. Whistle stop / Kenny Dohram [B2-28978] - No bonus tracks
  10. The congregation / Johnny Griffin - new track "I Remember You"
  11. Blowing in from Chicago / Cliff [sic] Jordan & John Gilmore - new track "Let It Stand"
  12. J.R. Montrose / J.R. Montrose - alt of "Wee-Jay"

My opinion -- all are excellent, but the whole "connoisseur" bit bugs me, as does the full-retail price and lack of contextual information. What makes these "special"? Even the midline Blue Notes usually have a paragraph or two about the sessions, how they fit into the artist's career, etc. Here, nothing but the original notes.

Glenn Lea