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Re: The Immeasurable Equation

Recent editions are available from Peter Hinds at:

Omni Press PO Box 786 Millbrae, CA 94030

In addition to what's listed below (re-posted from June 93), Peter is preparing a couple interview transcripts, which should be out in a month or two.

Incidentally, does anyone know of a source for older editions?

There are four main editions of IE, named by the year they were printed. The 86-87 has at least a couple small variations, though... All page counts include front and back cover. All are printed in multi-colored inks, though not true 4-color process.

Again, all proceeds from these sales will go to John Gilmore.

Please include $1 for first-class mail, $2 outside the U.S.

I.E. 86-87 28 pages. $8 Most of the poems were typed on Sun Ra's typewriter (recognizable by his preference for a pseudo-cursive font).

I.E. 89 12 pages. $6 Photos and 3 pages of prose about life, death, government, God, reality, glory & shame, truth, dope, money, freedom, and pride. No poetry.

I.E. 91 approx 50 pages $10 I don't have this one with me...

I.E. 93 52 pages $10 Mostly poetry, a fragment of an interview, some stuff reprinted from earlier editions.

Val Wilmer's article about John Gilmore. 12 pages. $6. "this article first appeared in Jazz magazine(paris) and subsequently in Melody Maker," it says, but I think Peter said this version appeared in Wire a few years ago. 8 pages of text, 4 of photos.

Dan Plonsey