The Big Video-Deal

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#1 Sun, 1994-10-23 10:46
Armin Buettner
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The Big Video-Deal

Hello again everybody!

Apparently there are a lot of Ra-performances on european-videos on which people from the USA are keen. On the other side, there are a lot of US- Videos which people in Europe woulkd like to have copies of. The main problem as far as i see it, is the transfer from VHS to NSCR-Systems. And the main point with this problem seems to be the high cost.

Maybe this is nothing new, but i have a suggestion that goes like this:

The americans put everything there is, in the best versions on NSCR- cassettes and send them to a collector in Europe. Everyone in Europe interested in this videos sends money to this collector to cover the expenses of transferring them to VHS. If this transferring has been done the cassettes will be send from one collector to the next. Everyone makes his own copy from the first VHS-Tapes.

On the other side, the europeans put everything on VHS tapes and send them to someone in the USA. Who does the same thing.

Any opinions or suggestions for a better way to handle this?

See & Read you,


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