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Trudy Morse
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Re: A Quiet Place In The Universe

Hi darling. Just returned. Want to tell you we showcased the Chopin piece at the John Coltrane Church, with Fred Harris at the piano. Then again at Yoshi's, San Francisco, with India Cooke taking the solo on the violin. Kash Killion and Lisle Ellis with India improvising. Glenn Spearman, Eddie Gale, Gino Bonair, Peter Apfelbaum, Vijay Iyor also improvising. It was sensational, I was told. Vijay was in a fantastic solo with India Cooke, and is responsible for organizing the event. Good audience, good music, and splendid organization.

Job well done, Vijay! And many thanks, Chris, for you good work in getting me the Chopin music. Brought it to Harmut Geerhin, and it sounded so good. By the way, he performs with John Tchicai and Don Moye. As you all know, John Tchicai has performed with us a number of times, and I believe is on Gino Bonair's record.

While in Germany, Sirone showed me a video called: Sun Ra All Stars. (have you heard of this one, Bob? Also Dr. K. please ask Hartmut if he is aware of this performance. It was at the Berlin Philharmie, with only Marshall Allen and John Gilmore of the Arkestra.

The other All Stars (don't have complete list with me here) but I may remember them all: Archie Shepp (who refused to get into costume, too obviously too long a solo. He wore a three piece suit, with a hat, and just sat there glaring at Sun Ra, who glared back in his Buddhist manner!

Also there, not in costume, but not quite so comspicuous, with a white shirt, was Lester Bowie. I remember Don Moye in costume, Philly Jones (I think). Sorry, Bob, if you have the line up, my notes are elsewhere.

275 messages broke down my machine, and my son has transferred this to his machine, where I am now.

Quite a performance, very traditional, with Sun Ra looking very much like Stokowsky or Toscannini. Very dignified and conducting in traditional manner. Sirone got it from the TV performance, he says.

Hurriedly, Trudy Especial regards to Dr. K. who gave me such warm hospitality, as well las your family, Chris.