"Spayed" Is The Place--the medical perspective (Advice from a

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"Spayed" Is The Place--the medical perspective (Advice from a

Graham connah wrote:

My reading of the book is: there is nothing to report on Ra's sex life because he didn't have it.


One interesting fact that I learned from the book is that Ra had cryptorchidism, and this may be a link to his lack of a sex life. Cryptorchidism is a medical term that is often used to describe a few separate conditions: 1)undescended testes (or singular testicle), i.e., a testicle that does not migrate down into the scrotum, or, 2) an absent testicle. The more common of the two is an undescended testicle, but either of these conditions may result in "hypogonadism", or a poor functioning testicle. This can mean that the level of the male sex hormone--testosterone--may be low.

Hypogonadism (low or no testosterone) is more common with bilateral cryptorchidism (both testicles undescended or absent), but it is not an all-or-none phenomenon. I believe that in the book, Szwed states that Sunny's condition was unilateral. But that does not rule out the possibility that he may have had low levels of testosterone, and that may have had an effect on his sex drive.

One fact that may go against this medical interpretation--Sunny had facial hair, which says to me that he had at least some testosterone (which controls facial hair production). But again, he still could have had enough testosterone to grow facial hair, but not enought to jump-start his libido.

All this is is conjecture from a physician/fan. Now, back to the



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