Join the Pyramids tour of Europe

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#1 Thu, 2010-11-18 20:50
Susan Pearlstine
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Join the Pyramids tour of Europe

Hi Sun Ra Friends in Europe. Come on out to see Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids . It is great music and all Fans of free music will enjoy it. Sun Ra alumni Kash Killion will be on Cello, Bolon, Sarangi and Upright bass. The tour is as follows:

27.11.10 de frankfurt brotfabrik germany

28.11.10 de berlin volksbuehne

30.11.10 de munich rote sonne germany

01.12.10 at wels waschaecht Austria

03.12.10 at salzburg jazzit austria

04.12.10 at nickelsdorf jazzgalerie austria

06.12.10 dk aarhus atlas denmark

07.12.10 se gothenburg koloni tbc sweden

08.12.10 dk copenhagen mayhem Denmark

09.12.10 de hamburg kampnagel Germany

10.12.10 br aalst netwerk Belgium

11.12.10 nl den haag state x Netherlands GREAT FESTIVAL!!!

The Pyramids g .pngThe legendary afro-psychedelic band Pyramids consisted of saxophone player Idris Ackamoor, flute player Margo Simmons and bass player Kimathi Asante. In 1971 the company travelled, with a vision of 'free black music', through Europe and Africa. They met drummer Donald Robinson in Paris, stayed a couple of months in Amsterdam, joined a commune in Ghana and travelled to Kenia to record music with the Massai and Kikuyu tribes. The returned with a name, sound, look and vision. Inspired by their travels they made spiritual afro-psychedelic music with hypnotic pan-African melodies and a polyrhythmic character. The Pyramids released three albums before splitting up in 1976. With their recent reunion the Pyramids prove, just like their Egyptian monumental counterparts, to be timeless.

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Fri, 2011-02-18 16:28
Brad at Saturn
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Join the Pyramids tour of Europe

Thanks Susan,I love this group,I had their "Birth,Speed,Merging1976" LP

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