While I'm at it ...

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#1 Mon, 2003-01-27 20:47
Keef Roberts
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While I'm at it ...

There's something that's been puzzling me for a few years about the discography .... and that's the "pre-mitotic" version of Discipline 27.

Mitosis? Sounds like a disease, doesn't it?

"Yes, Mr. Sun, I'm afraid the tests show that you have a very severe case of Mitosis."

(Not wishing to make fun of Sunny too much, at this point I can hear him saying "How can you say I have mitosis, when you have HALITOSIS!!!")

Anyway, before my silly sense of humour gets completely carried away, can someone let me know what I'm supposed to be listening for, or is it the fact that I tend to listen to everything the Arkestra ever has done that I have all at once forever (I rip everything to mp3s and shuffle them for hours on end) getting the best of me? What exactly is meant by "pre-mitotic?"

Tx Keef.