Name that asteroid! *

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#1 Fri, 1994-10-07 02:52
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Name that asteroid! *

Now that we have got the references on the IAU and know whom to talk to:

First, thanks to all who helped in finding the precise information, here on the list as well through direct email sent to me.

Then, before Trudy left Munich, I shared the information with her. She will talk directly to Dr. Brian Marsden once she will be in Boston, in November, in order to find out more on the conditions etc. and for lobbying... I suggest that meanhwile we do not address Dr. Marsden directly, neither by letter and not by email.

Last, the item we should discuss, though, here is what name we would like to propose for naming. Ben Weiner from this list had some concerns that SunRa might be confusing, while Sun apparently is used already, and Ra probably (?) also. Gino Robair, also from this list, wrote that Blount would be a perfect name for an asteroid. Are there any other votes?