new maxi out

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#1 Sun, 1994-10-02 06:37
Armin Buettner
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new maxi out

Hello Everybody!

The "Luvnhaight"-Label which until now has only released 70s Jazz-Funk obscurities and new music in that style has released a new maxi single featuring a brasil funk group named "Vita B" on one side and Sun Ra on the other. The Ra piece is "Pathways to unknown worlds". I am still waiting for this single, so i Cant tell whether it is the same piece as that which was released on Impulse. The number of that record is "LuvnHaight" 10. Both sides of the label say from the forthcoming LP "Brotherhood" I suppose this is going to be a Sampler with just this one Ra Tune on it. In Switzerland this one is coming through "Sound Service" Distributors. I would not know how to get it in the U.K. or the states. Mayve anyone else does.

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