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Patrick Gallagher
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Re: Birmingham activities

I think I can help....somewhat.

  1. Art Doyle: has anyone heard his LP on Thurston Moore's independent label? Where is Doyle from and how did he meet Sun Ra?

Art Hoyle is from Chicago and was added to the early Arkestra in the mid 50's. He appeared on several early Ra albums (I know he was on the two Delmark releases). Mr. Hoyle (that's who you mean, right?) leads a combo at Andy's in Chicago every Tuesday night.

  1. the Torque-Tet: this CD features a former Arkestran who is now under a different name. A percussionist/drummer I believe. Can anyone help out here?

That drummer is named Afifi, but that wasn't the name he used when working with Ra. Cadence mentioned the connection in an album review and gave his real name. I can't presently recall the name he used with Ra but he was not listed in "Omniverse Sun Ra" when I checked. The Torque-Tet is playing this Wednesday at the Hothouse as a part of the Chicago Jazz Festival Club Tour.

I hope I've been accurate and helpful.

Patrick Gallagher