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Ahmed Abdullah
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NAM, a cooperative quartet that has as its charter members Alex Harding, Mas= a=20 Kamaguchi, Jimmy Weinstein, and Ahmed Abdullah, will perform at the Tishman=20 Auditorium, 66 WEst 12st, on Wednesday, December 1 at 7pm.

NAM Ahmed Abdullah -trumpet Owuor Arunga-trumpet Sallim Washington-oboe, flute and tenor saxophone Masa Kamaguchi-bass Jimmy Weinstein-drums

This performance of NAM will be special in that tenor saxophonist, flutist=20 and oboist Salim Washington will be sitting in for Alex Harding on Wednesday= =20 night. As well,=A0 trumpeter Owuor Arunga, senior in the Jazz and Contempora= ry=20 program will be a guest artist with this ensemble. In addition to that the=20 recording Ahmed Abdullah's Dispersion of the Spirit of Ra/Traveling the Spac= eways,=20 will be available for the first time to those who attend. The recording done= in=20 February, 2004 includes 12 artists among them are Alex Harding, Salim=20 Washington and Owuor Arunga as well as Sun Ra veterans Billy Bang, Craig Har= ris and=20 Radu, all=A0 playing fresh new arrangements of Sun Ra's music(Salim Washingt= on has=20 several contributions).

Mr Abdullah has been teaching a Sun Ra ensemble class that will begin again=20 in Spring 2005 at the New School=A0 and has been in existence for the last t= hree=20 years. The recording Traveling the Spaceways is a culmination of that effort= .=A0

NAM's second recording Song of Time/Live at the Vision Festival was released= =20 earlier in 2004 on Clean Feed records and will also be available.

NAM is a sanskrit word that means devotion and the group is devoted to the=20 pursuit of musical excellence that crosses generations, cultures and styles.

www.ahmedian.com (for more information)