Tom Buck's new snail-mail address....

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#1 Fri, 1994-08-26 13:03
Tom Buck
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Tom Buck's new snail-mail address....

Hi all,

This will probably be the last that most of you hear from me for several months. Running Miles and Saturn has been alot of fun, and I know that the were (and are) definitely filling a need in the net-iverse. (And I'd still like to see an Ornette list started!) Seth Tisue has generousely agreed to take care of SATURN full-time, and take care of MILES untill he can find someone else to run it for him. Those of you who are interested in running MILES should contact him sometime in the near future, and I will forward him all the offers I've already received.

With luck I will get back on the net in the next few months, although I will be on the road alot for the first year or so, and I might not have time to even get hooked back up till the Spring of 1996 when my new job will involve alot less travel. If any of you are in or near Kansas City, drop me a post card and maybe we can get together sometime. I'll include my new address at the end of this note, but I don't have my new phone number yet. (Call information in Kansas City in about a week, they should have it.) Or if you loose this address, I'm working for Butler Manufacturing in the BMA Tower, and you can drop me a note there. I still have lots of rare jazz videos, although I never found the time to make them all available to you through the net. For those in and around Kansas City, I'll gladly trade videos in exchange for being shown where the hot spots are in town for live jazz, great record stores, and simply helping me get aquainted with the area.

Thanks again to everyone for making the past several years on the net so much fun, and I'll try and get back on as soon as I can.


my new address:

Tom Buck (and Tina Wilson) 819-1 West 40th Street Kansas City, MO 64111