COVER NOTE - nuits de la fondations maeg

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#1 Fri, 1994-08-26 12:40
Pedro G Moreno
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COVER NOTE - nuits de la fondations maeg

FORWARDED BY LLPGM My local record shop just got two sun ra discs , "nuits de la fondation maeght" Vols. I and II I am unfamiliar with these , can anyone recommend them (I'm sure they are fantastic) but I would appreciate a brief description, review etc. I don't remember the label but it appears to be a limited edition reissue

also on the same label are two Albert Ayler discs, from the same series of concerts from around 1970 , I Imagine they are pretty similar to his concession ary recordings for impulse (new grass, last album ) can anyone tell me about these ?

I would appreciate any background on these sessions. etc.

thank you Pedro g. Moreno