"That depends on what you know."

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Thomas Stanley
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"That depends on what you know."

Dreaming of a Master

Soundz Impossible extends our condolences to the Bowie Family who we thank for sharing with us the Lester they loved as brother, son, husband, and father. We've moved to our entry page a pair of photos taken of Lester in his trademark white lab coat - the raiment of a tone scientist - a few years back at one of the Bowies' reunions in Frederick, Maryland. I've only been to the Bowie House once. As I fumbled my way through the winding streets, I saw why I'd been warned not to pay attention to the names on the mail boxes. It seemed that every other name was 'Bowie'. The whole community, I was told, was founded by freed men and women who had reclaimed as owners land on the very plantation where they had labored as captives.

Lester Bowie, and by extension his family, represented self-determination enlarged to the level of dynasty. His music hit the ear with an authority that knew no doubt and conceded only to higher levels of excellence. He left us with a rich legacy of music, that we would all, listeners and players, be well-served to study. Tonight, I'm finding myself lost in the Art Ensemble's interpretation of 'Round Midnight (Dreaming of the Masters vol. ii, DIW, 1991). It's full of that breathy sweet and sour lushness that made Lester's sound so distinctively evocative. So much music and yet you left us wanting just a little bit more. Thanks Lester.