Planet Earth

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daniel plonsey
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Planet Earth

There is a new CD out called "Big Music, Little Musicians" which has a version of Sun Ra's "Planet Earth." What makes this recording interesting is that the musicians are 4th, 5th, & 6th grade Oakland kids. The rest of the CD is made up of structured and unstructured improvisations by the kids: solos, duets, and huge ensembles, many of which are truly amazing -- it's kind of the musical equivalent of children's finger-painting. (A second take of "Planet Earth" will be on the Rastascan Sun Ra compilation CD.)

The CD was put together by Randy Porter (who is a friend of mine, so this little review may be read as biased). They're selling them for $12 (which includes shipping, and proceeds go to the music programs in the three elementary schools).

You can contact him at (510) 845-7045, or at: 48 Shattuck Square, P.O. Box 26 Berkeley, CA 94704

Dan Plonsey