Re: Video of Art Blakey with John Gilmore

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Re: Video of Art Blakey with John Gilmore

I will see about sorting out the tapes ....but PAL throws me and i'll have to consult an expert ! But I will have a go

The taped BBCJazz 625 i have is :

                        Bill Evans  .... an interesting performanmce
                        Big Joe Turner

but not (sadly) the Rollins ..... maybe i should nudge the Beeb and get them put on again ....they are all c '65 (that's a long time ago !)

I played through the Blakey tape last night an John Gilmore is really impressive : Rec 070365

1. On the Ginsa

2. Lament for Stacy

3. The Egyptian ( JG playing behind the beat and taking a great solo )

4. I Can't Get Started With You ( real good close up front of JG and

                                   wow ! those eyes ! )

5. Buhaina's Delight

Pers: Art Blakey John Gilmore Lee Morgan Victor Sproles (p) oops that should be bass John Hicks (p) tht's better !

bo lamb