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whitney films nyc

three short films shown today halloween day, with sun ra soundtracks, two w/ arkestra footage, one b+w, 'magic sun' (17 min.) and one color 'spaceways'; the third 'the forbidden playground' also b+w was less impressive filmmaking (dancers motifs textures tensions, some cool things, some very silly stuff) but featured music not on record... (10.5 min.) i met phil niblock who made 'magic sun' and he told me the music was straight from the heliocentric recordings; but the print was sounding very clear and nice through the sound system; could be from a more direct master transfer?... [niblock also says this is available on video from blast first who are still active, though maybe only on PAL...]

and from the very first breathtaking image it was GO to SPACE. incredible feeling like seeing the rosetta stone. amazing fantastic giddy exhilarating........... 'magic sun' was all performance, lots of rich contrast and dancing silhouettes, bubbles & blurbs, stark shapescapes, hyperclose-ups & abstract I's... 'spaceways' (18 min.) had some crucial sun ra interview voiceovers along with shots of east 3rd street 'hood/abode/rehearsal space, youthful frontmen john & marshall, wild percussion jams... this music too sounds unissued. both films feature sun ra playing the sun harp... neither has synched sound but results were completely satisfying.

sorry for not getting further into this now, i am toast! excellent marshall radio interview friday afternoon on phone just before the group got in the van to get to new york for the knitting factory show, which btw was live on the web.... i found out when i got there. i think k.fact. does this always??...... does the group know about this?!

also shown were esp-disk films, including 'new york eye & ear control' featuring a bit of footage of albert ayler, don cherry et al., not in performance though. however there are some priceless moments esp-ecially (sorry!) the way close-up of ayler's face, with dark dancing glittering devilish happy eyes; cherry getting in, driving around in & getting out of an early sixties vw bug... most of film was variations on a plywood cutout shape of a woman silhouette stuck in the ground / sand in different places in nature.... first half is silent but no one was quite sure it was supposed to be.......

speace lava

ps i sat right behind three of The Godz

pps also some very nice terry riley stuff was shown