Lock book - revisited

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Lock book - revisited

Bob Lamb asked for a recommendation, but I'm reluctant to take that step, because you don't know where I'm coming from, and I don't know what you expect of a book. I think Ali's comments are fair.

But here are some more details.

The pieces in the book have appeared in print before, mostly in The Wire [including both the Sun Ra and John Gilmore pieces]. The interview pieces convey the substance of the interview in Lock's words, with apposite quotations from the interlocutor. They focus on significant events from the artists' lives /music /views in a way that brings them to life as people.

The Cecil Taylor and Mal Waldron pieces are copyrighted to NME, and presumably appeared there first. In the acknowledgements Lock mentions a number of other outlets for his writing without attributing particular pieces in the book to them.

One or two pieces are extended record reviews from The Wire.

So, if you don't mind, or even welcome, the fact that a good writer has recycled some of his earlier work for magazines, and if you are interested in artists whose music tends to be "out", and/or innovative, I think it's good value for money.

Jordan Fordin (illwml@soton.ac.uk)