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Re: Book(s) recommended to Phil Schaap by Sun Ra

Thanks for the link. I may try to visit this next time I'm in NC.

The Boston B. N. Boyd books are very interesting, and VERY hard to find. I = was lucky enough to get a look at a couple that the LoC had before they mys= teriously vanished. Perhaps it's time to see if they've resurfaced.=20

It's been many years since I read them, but I'm pretty sure the basic premi= se is that Jesus was the black son of a white woman (Mary) and that by beco= ming exalted, he signaled the restoration of the black man to his proper so= cial place. Of course, it's a lot more complicated than that. In any case i= t's a good example of the strategic reversals of conventional understanding= of the Bible (God-book =3D Code-book) that Sun Ra continued in his own way= .


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Pre-recorded on WKCR, Sun Ra just mentioned a book Phil Schaap should read,= and I found information on the book(s) and the author here:

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