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Ali Shashaani
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Re: New book out

I received my copy of Graham Lock's Chasing the Vibration and so far I've enjoyed it. I must admit that I haven't read the Gilmore and Ra chapters yet as they appear near the end of the volume. But the other interviews are very nice. Ccheck out the part on Cecil Taylor for some funny and moving comments.)

    Lock is unlike the usual critics in that he is not very critical of

his subjects. I think he truly enjoys the music and likes the musicians, so his writing is very sympathetic towards both. But since I appreciate his musical tastes and since there is so little writing on the likes of Mike Westbrook, Dave Holland, Leo Smith, and Evan Parker I shouldn't be complaining at all. I only wish there was more depth to it; 10-20 pages per musician is not very much. I felt that just as I warmed up to a subject the chapter was over. I much preferred his book on Braxton, Forces in Motion, and was a bit disappointed with the shortness of Chasing the Vibration.

    Over all it's a welcome book.  I'm happy I purchased a copy.

                                                    --Ali Shashaani