Re: Video of Art Blakey with John Gilmore

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Re: Video of Art Blakey with John Gilmore

from Robert Campbell:

Courtesy of Chris Trent, I finally got a chance to see a videotape of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers broadcasting over the BBC in the summer or fall of 1964 (it was rebroadcast by the BBC in 1990). The broadcast ran for half an hour, though Chris missed the first 5 minutes. The lineup was: Blakey (d); Lee Morgan (tp); John Gilmore (ts); John Hicks (p); Victor Sproles (b). The music is much superior to the only studio recording these guys made. Without the blandifying influence of Curtis Fuller on trombone, Gilmore gets a lot more solo space, and the band really stretches out.

If I'm not mistaken, on that Blakey album with Gilmore ('S Make it or something like that) Morgan, Fuller, Hicks and Blakey get all the solo space. I don't recall a single John Gilmore solo on the whole album. The video tape is really great though.

I've been told that this video was commercially released in the US. Does anyone know how to get it? (Beats having it transcribed from PAL to NTSC, which is a real pain).

oh yeah. Ralph