"The Book of Mis-Information"

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#1 Thu, 1999-02-18 05:53
Marc Minsker
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"The Book of Mis-Information"

Speaking as a professional lurker here, I will tune out and sign off if another "Sun Ra vs. Phish" argument is started on this list. Please, as a preemptive strike, take future commentary on this to private mail. I don't want to presume that I speak for anyone but myself, but I have a feeling that any more public postings on this thread are a bad idea.

I agree wholeheartedly!! We've already lost a good number of Sun Ra scholars; let's not run away more off!

If anyone wants to revisit that tiresome Phish thread, just search the archives. It's very simple. Here's the URL: http://listserv.surfnet.nl/archives/saturn.html


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