"The Book of Information"

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"The Book of Information"

Greetings friends and galactic citizens, I am new to the list, my name is Greg, although I am better known in cyberspace as Stardog...

Anyhoo, i just finished reading John Szwed's Sun Ra bio, "Space is the Place" and there is one point of particular intrigue to me that I am trying to research further-

This concerns "The Book of Information", a channeled tome given to Sun Ra by some mystics in Europe, that Sun Ra was very high on, and liked to give parts to people or inform them etc. I was drawn to Sun Ra by my interest in Phish, which led me to Michael Ray, and then Sun Ra... I have been told a story that Sun Ra gave Phish drummer Jon Fishman a book that was given to Sun Ra by an ET, and that the book details the coming fall of the American empire... (I see signs pointing to that all around us)

Anyway, I'm thinking that "The Book of Information" may indeed be this book, so I am wodnering if anyone out there has any more info about "The Book" and if there might be a copy or excerpts available somewhere, on the net perhaps, or in an issue of Sun Ra Research? Any info is appreciated.

Siriusly yours, Stardog