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#1 Tue, 1994-08-09 16:30
Pedro G Moreno
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A few examples of jazz and poetry come to mind

Joseph Jarman "non cognitive aspects of the city" from the Delmark cd Song For

archie shepp "malcolm semper malcolm" from Fire Musicon Impulse

Art Ensemble of Chicago(Joseph Jarman) Ericka , from A Jackson in your House on Affinity.

Leroi Jones with New York Art Quartet (ESP)

last track on Ornette Coleman's Science Fiction Marion Brown "Sweet Earth Flying" (Impulse) There is a double cd of the Poetry of Paul Haines set to the music of various musicians (derek bailey, evan parker, john tchicai, paul bley, melvin gibbs, and many others.)Unfortunately I dont remember the title or the name of the label (kip hanrahan's labelwhatever it is)

I hope these are useful, I am also intersested in the combination of music and poetry so long , P.G. Moreno

ps. Steve lacy has also done a lot of music/poetry stuff.