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Trudy Morse
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european tour

Hi Saturnites: I have been getting a number of private messages about the UK, Germany tour, with return directly to Bay area, with various local musicians, performing Sun Ra poetry. (The poetry, too, is improvised, chanted, sung with the music.

Schedule, firm:

August 7. Lv for New Orleans. Record with Kidd Jordan 10. Lv for London (John Wood. 737/642825 ll-l7

Several people I'm to call, but nothing definite, as well as conversations with Certain Ants, Chris Trent

       Edinburgh Festival (fringe).  Will read with anybody there

Sep. 3. Edinburgh Festival ends 8, Hildegard von Bingen, Weisbaden, Germany 18 Dr. K and Hartmet, sometime perhaps between Sept 18/22 24 Jeff's band in Coln. Alan Silva, outside of Coln

   26  Prague

Oct. 3 Berlin. Michael Henning 011-49-30-618-3819 6 Frankfurt to San Francisco

Eddy Gale as arranged some things: Gino Bonair hoping to get Marshall Allen into the Bay Area.

     8  Minna Gallery, S. F.
     9  John Coltrane Church
    10  Yoshi

     25  Seattle, Earshot, with Michael Monhart

Eddie Gale has Tribute to Sun Ra, August 12, Santa Cruse. Sorry, I can't make. Eddie:408-998-4907. I think Chris Funkhauser who got me into all of this will be there. Did a terrific video on last year's Tribute, and plays flute and does all kinds of things.

Just as general news: There seems to be a Foundation started by the members of the Arkestra. The family in Alabama are looking all over to make some money for the estate., I have been told John Gilmore "desparately ill". I called the house, but no answer. Maybe somebody would like to follow this up and report to the list. (Marion Brown also very ill in hospital, brain surgery?)

There are some of us who are doing Tributes to Sun Ra, to make the public aware of the poetry. Players who have performed in the past with Sun Ra, all over the globe, or feel influenced by Sun Ra..... but have no vested interest are performing with us, wherever, whenver I can find them.

In Newfoundland, for instance, there were six performances. Everybody wanted to hear more of the poetry and perform and improvise. You might say, among the legacy in addition to the costumes, lighting, was buried the deep philosophy of the man, expressed through his poetry. And this has been my personal mission, as well as trying to understand "The Immeasurable Equations" and Pythagorean concepts.

I might add, there is a scholar from Uruguay who wants more information about Sun Ra, and we are now doing experiments to ascertain whether the semiosis (as they call it; spiritual happening in my language) can actually be replicated. Thanks to Dr. A., this will be my private mission, in line with my husband's keen interest in anomalous phenomenon.

I have sponsored for the past five years SCIENCE AND MUSIC at the New England Conservatory; the Science part to be continued at Harvard (first date: October 19). which involves mathematical principals in music. Our lecturers are keen addicts of Sun Ra, and we already have a spectogram done by Robert Cogan,"Sonic Analysis", the Bible of this stuff.

But my own interest will be with Dr. Bob Morris, who holds the esteemed chair of Paraphycology at Edinburgh, endowed by Arthur Koestler.. He and my husband were close friends, and I shall be asking for more research into the phenomenon as I have observed it travelling with Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, and now the experiments which I am setting up wherever I go.

I feel with all the problems of letting anybody let go of the music for our archives, at least we have the poetry which will keep the memory of Sun Ra alive, in addition to Evidence CD's. But I am mostly concerned that nobody at this time can really play Sun Ra music, like Mozart, Beethoven, Duke Ellington, and Thelonious Monk.

Sorry, this is so long. So long, until November. If you need to get in touch with me, please do so before I leave August 7.

When I return in November, Anthony Braxton wants to do a project, and the Knitting Factory moved to a new location, and I will want to do more work with Pat Nicholson (William Parker's wife who is a dancer). The poetry goes so well with dancers.

Please let me hear from the European family by Aug. 7, especially musicians, so that I may call you. Telephone number and address, please.


In short, Chris Funkhauser and Michael Monahart, both of our list, sent important articles on this subject. And now that Dr. K. has affirmed that Semiotics is a science related to math, then I feel pretty good on this path!

Anybody in UK or Germany who wants me to call them, or visit with them, please put name, address, and telephone number in my private line. I leave early Sunday, August 7.