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Bob Campbell Discography

August 4, 1994

Dear Saturnites:

More stuff re: THE DISNEY SHOWS!

First, as you may be aware through postings by Chris Trent, Robt. Campbell (RLC) and myself, the Disney-Austria Show is apparently the same concert as a boot CD that's out there. Therefore, a few of the really hardcore RA fans will already have it and not need my copy.

Also: I'm just making three or four copies for a few close friends, or those who have real super-duper stuff that I wanted (Vlad Simosko, for one, offered me some real rare Artie Shaw that I desperately had to have.)

However, as you may recall, Joe Molnar offered to serve as a "vine." So, he will be making as many copies as he can! E-mail to him!

I'm about to send Joe copies of both shows, and these are from the same source as mine, so his copies will be just as good as those I could make.

The only thing is, I believe Joe is on holiday, and I don't have his snail address. When he comes back, hopefully he'll see this posting, send me his "snail" and I'll send him this copy ASAP. It's all packed and ready to go.

Also, for Euro-RA fans, Chris Trent CDT@VEGA.DEMON.CO.UK is going to be receiving a copy of the Bottom Line show (he already has the Austria on CD). So get in touch with him. The minor problem there is... I can't remember if I sent him his copy yet or not! Lately, I've been sending out so much stuff that I can't remember!

[Chris: if you're reading this, if you still haven't received your copy in a week or so, lemme know and I'll send one out for sure!]

I think that covers everything...

To summarize: Hopefully everybody who wants these tapes can get them from either Joe or Chris . Everybody just be sure to send your fifty cents per tape to John Gilmore!

Later, y'all

will friedwald

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