Discography from Cadence

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#1 Thu, 1994-08-04 13:24
Trudy Morse
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Discography from Cadence

Attention: Bob Campbell

Sorry, do not have your private number, nor how to get on. Can you call Cadence to ask them to EXPress ME, two copies of the discography, and I'll send out check at once.

I leave for New Orleans Sunday, August 6, to record with Kidd Jordan, and leave for Europe, August 9. If Cadence can EXPRESS MAil two books, I can take them with me when I travel to Europe, since I will be seeing Dr. K, hopefully to do a gig with Sun Ra poetry, after September 19.

Trudy Morse c/o Kidd Jordan 7541 Afton Drive New Orleans, LA 70127

Must arrive by August 8.

I'll send check out at once, if this can be done, and please include address of Cadence. Bob, if you have two extra copies, maybe it would be faster, and I'll send you check.

Sorry, I know you don't want personal messages on E-Mail, but this is a personal favor by an important member of our family!

Trudy Morse

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I will need more time to read in detail your previous message.

Right now, just for rushing, - if there is a chance that you get me 2 copies of the Campbell book (RA discog) from Cadence, I really would love it and of course I will pay for the books, - just if you could bring it to here. But if this poses any problems, no reason to worry any more.

I'll be back from vacation by 19-Sep, that is back to work. Partly I will read email from home during vacation, I won't be away all the time.

In case you need to call: I am in the Munich telephone directory, my telephone number is +49 89 3139006 (49 = Germany, 89 = Munich). If you call within Germany (but from outside Munich), the resp. number is 089 3139006.

Anyway I am in contact with Hartmut, and he also has my number.

Cheers, Anton

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