payment for tapes

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#1 Mon, 1994-08-01 19:33
Peter Overton King
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payment for tapes

Let me add my voice to the many: I think the Arkestra should be paid when we circulate tapes and the like. It's hard to say just how much, but I'd think an honor-system of $2@ is the bare minimum.

I also think this isn;t just nice of us, but morally obligatory. Those who think otherwise, or who want nothing to do with principles, stop reading now.

Still here? OK: a modified version of H. L. A. Hart's Principle of Fairness governs these situations, so that we are obligated by the following principle:

 Accepting the benefits of a practice obligates you
 to pay for them if, were the only way to obtain the
 benefits to pay for them, you *would* pay for them.

Or, in plain words, if you'd buy these tapes for (say) $2 from a bootlegger who had the only copies, well, then, you're obliged to pay for them now. (Well, plainer words, anyway.)

One of the many ways philosophy makes life so uncomfortable...

Peter King