[off-topic] Lee Perry Redux

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#1 Tue, 2001-05-29 15:07
Joe Castleman
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[off-topic] Lee Perry Redux

Greetings Comrades:

Walter Oller asked for Lee "Scratch" Perry recommendations a few weeks ago (after which point, he [Oller] seems to have vanished once again). Someone recommended the album "Time Boom X De Devil Dead" from 1987. There was some question whether this was available on CD -- it is, but it's apparently out-of-print.

I successfully ordered a copy from www.towerrecords.com at a reduced price. Note that quantities are limited, but if Tower runs out, they may also be found at www.gemm.com at a higher price.

I have no affiliation with Tower nor with Gemm; this is not a plug; etc. etc.

--Joe C


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