Sun Ra Tribute (Seattle, Oct. 25)

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Steve Albertson
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Sun Ra Tribute (Seattle, Oct. 25)

I just received in the mail the schedule for this year's Earshot Jazz Festival here in Seattle Oct. 16 - Nov. 3. One performance is of special interest to all of us. Here's the blurb from the schedule:

October 25 at Moe's (Capitol Hill), 8:00 p.m. Tribute to Sun Ra $10 general / $8 discount

"Poet, world-traveller and performance artist Trudy Morse traveled with Sun Ra until the time of his death, and has been active for several years in the creation of other-worldly performances in the spirit of the legendary Arkestra. Expect a cosmic, ritual happening. With Sun Ra veterans Marshall Allen (alto) and Julian Priester (trombone); joined by Michael Monhart [from the Saturn list!] (reeds), Stuart Dempster (trombone, didjeridu and various winds), Brian Pertl (didjeridu), Phil Sparks (bass), and Ed Pias (percussion), plus special participants."

This should be a good event. Moe's (simply "Moe" to most people) is a hot place for bands to play in Seattle right now, and is quite a nice place. Not a typical jazz venue, but lot's of space for the kind of things I think will happen at this show. If you're interested in more information, call the Festival Hotline @ 206-547-9787.

(Note: Lot's of other good people in the Earshot lineup (Ornette Coleman, Jessica Williams, Jimmy Smith Quartet, etc).

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