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Hello Again Folks,

Finally posting news on the latest release here, in case so many of you don't know.

It has struck myself and others from the very beginning the parallels that exist between the equally profound poetic vision and musical excursions of Sun Ra and William Parker > a comparison that is perhaps most fitting to make when discussing WP's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra.

At any rate, there are two gorgeous volumes of William Parker & Orchestra's work in this realm presently available.

Both are available for $18 first class postpaid in the U.S. from AUM Fidelity PO BOX 170147 BROOKLYN, NY 11217

further info: http://www.aumfidelity.com <snip!>

Both of the sets described in this post are totally essential for anyone's collection/ears if interested in the continuation of the large ensemble tradition of free jazz/creative improv. At the domestic postage paid price, Steven's offered a service that everyone should take advantage of (yep: ended that sentence with a prep.).

My only problem is that Little Huey hasn't scheduled a concert in Atlanta yet....


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