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Steven Joerg
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Hello Again Folks,

Finally posting news on the latest release here, in case so many of you don't know.

It has struck myself and others from the very beginning the parallels that exist between the equally profound poetic vision and musical excursions of Sun Ra and William Parker > a comparison that is perhaps most fitting to make when discussing WP's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra.

At any rate, there are two gorgeous volumes of William Parker & Orchestra's work in this realm presently available.

Both are available for $18 first class postpaid in the U.S. from AUM Fidelity PO BOX 170147 BROOKLYN, NY 11217

further info: http://www.aumfidelity.com

WILLIAM PARKER & THE LITTLE HUEY CREATIVE MUSIC ORCHESTRA 'Mayor Of Punkville' AUM015/16 2xCD + 12pg booklet of William's writing This majestic selector set is from their live '99 season at NYC's Tonic.

"William Parker's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra is always a full-on tour de force of complex composition and large ensemble improvisation. Recorded at live appearances throughout 1999, this is a monster album. That's in both performance and composition, not to mention sheer volume: it clocks in at over 140 minutes. Pieces like 'James Baldwin to the Rescue' capture a spirit and sound matched only by Sun Ra's Arkestra, with Aleta Hayes soaring voice approximating the soulful croon of June Tyson. '3 Steps for Noh Mountain' is divided perfectly into three sections, the first a slow, prodding, beautiful marching theme, the third adding an eastern melody strain to a different melodic marching theme, creating a mood not far from the Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra's finest moments. The title track might be Little Huey's most epic work to date: over thirty minutes of varying themes, stunning free playing and dazzling interplay. Nothing short of monumental." -Phil Waldorf, OTHER MUSIC

WILLIAM PARKER & THE LITTLE HUEY CREATIVE MUSIC ORCHESTRA 'Sunrise In The Tone World' AUM002/3 2xCD + 16pg booklet booklet of William's writing This landmark release documents the LHCMO's second season of sound: 1997

"The dream is always the same. Those of us who see jazz as a democracy in one of its purest forms will always harbor a soft spot for big bands. There's something about a large ensemble's bearing, about the obvious care that goes into launching a good one, as well as the dynamic, yet gingerly plotted music that emanates from the push-pull of brass against reeds and melody against rhythm, all on an expanded scale. Such groups also provide one of the jazz idiom's most awe-inspiring spectacles, allowing us to witness how remarkable cohesion can emerge from what could easily amount to mere fury. In the case of New York-based bassist William Parker's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, one might take all of the above impulses and multiply them by about 1,000. LIttle Huey is the big soulful megillah; its gloriousness is a true marvel of painstaking thought into action." - K. Leander Williams, JAZZIZ

"Top 10 Critics Picks 1997" : JAZZIZ

kind regards,

Steven Joerg

AUM Fidelity PO BOX 170147 * Brooklyn, NY 11217 http://www.aumfidelity.com