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#1 Mon, 1994-09-26 21:28
Joe Malnar
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Re: supporting the Arkestra


Have the tape trees started yet? I've been fairly busy recently and haven't had the chance to check on them. I sent a few requests to the person in charge, but never heard back. Thanks for any help in this matter!!!

No they haven't started yet.

I'm the person in charge. I didn't acknowledge all requests that I received and for that I apologize. I also apologize for not getting the vines started yet. There are about six or seven vines involving about three dozen folks. I've had them worked out on paper for several weeks and have put together distribution lists online for each vine. I just gotta get the time to mail out the particulars for each one. I've had the tape for a while now and have made some dubs. I shudda used a standard signup form ala The process would've gone a lot easier. Hang in there, and as they all too often say, it'll be "real soon now".


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