United World in Outer Space

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United World in Outer Space

i am forwarding this because the originating system has interface issues with the listserver.

I-) ihor

United World in Outer Space

==================== Greetings Jostein -

The "United World In Outer Space" LP you mentioned appears to be a subset on vinyl of the tracks offered on the "Live in Cleveland" CD, Golden Years GL 29 (a division of Leo Records). The date shown on the CD is January 30, 1975 but they do not specify that it is recorded at the Smiling Dog Saloon as indicated on the LP you noted. The CD tracks and times are:

Astro Nation (of the United World in Outer Space) 11:00 Enlightenment 2:10 Love in Outer Space 9:30 Theme of the Stargazers - the Satellites Are Sprinning 2:30 Friendly Galaxy 2 - I am the Brother of the Wind - I, Pharoh 12:49 Synthesizer Solo 8:32 Sophisticated Lady 14:07

All the best.

Greg Drusdow drusdow@verizon.net