I Don't Get Me Back?!

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I Don't Get Me Back?!

The default setting for most Bitnet Lists is for the subscriber not to receive a copy of his/er post. To change this, send an E-mail message to LISTSERV@Hearn.Bitnet with the only contents being: set Saturn mail ack That should modify your profile so that you will be posted copies of your contributions.

Hope this helps, Joe Moudry Lister Hill Library Univ. of Alabama @ Birmingham LHL0032@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU /|\

----------------------------Original message---------------------------- has anyone else noticed this problem - when they post something to saturn, they don't get their own message back? i noticed this with the "sun harp" posting that i sent out - the one where i asked what was the "sun harp"? i never saw that, but i did see the reply, which had been posted to the list. also, i posted a followup reply to that reply about "sun harp", in which i explained what the "sun harp" really was. i haven't seen my second posting either...

does the coordinator of this list read this list? how does one go about fixing a problem like this, when we are on an automated listserver???

questions, questions - ihor