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Re: The Sun Harp

The Sun Harp is a harp, named so by Hartmut. It is a harp originating from Ukraine, I don't remember the correct original name (it is a music instrument with many cords, and a wodden resonator body, tuning = ?). Hartmut once got it from Sun Ra who was short of money and could not pay for the travel just before starting to do so, so Hartmut gave him money and got the harp, with Sun's word that once he will have money he will change back... Such a harp can be seen on the record jacket of "Holiday for Soul Dance", see entry number 31 in the book Omniverse Sun Ra.

cool synch - i've seen the instrument on the album cover, and recognized it as a "bandura", which is what that instrument is called in ukrainian. however, i always thought that it's appearance there was due to it's "odd" appearance, that maybe it was part of some photo collage, and that it really had nothing to do with sun ra except that it was not your ordinary looking instrument. after all, why would sun ra be playing a bandura (ukrainian stringed instrument)? never made sense to me...

but, now it all gels! and, to continue, i've just purchased a bandura for my wife, along with all sorts of books explaining tunings, etc. i believe that the tunings are standard tuning, so maybe it would not be hard to learn to play it, once one got the hang of plucking and strumming the strings. it would be comparable to picking the strings on a piano or a harp...

i venture to say that because of it's many strings, it would be a good instrument for tuning in microtones, if one so desired. :-)

does this bandura (sun harp) make any appearances on any of the sun ra albums?

btw, the bandura is somewhat known as the 'national instrument' of ukraine. there is a lot of music being played and recorded featuring this instrument, both here and in ukraine. major centers of interest in the usa are in cleveland and detroit, with nycity being another hotbed. detroit is the home of a well known bandurist orchestra!

traveling the bandura-ways - ihor