The Sun Harp

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The Sun Harp

So the Sun Ra exhibition at Arlesheim/Basel, Switzerland has opened...

It was quite a remarkable event. Trudy Morse was there, too. In addition to the planned and published agenda for the opening, Trudy recited poetry, accompanied by a violin virtuoso, Harald, and by Hartmut Geerken playing the Sun Harp.

The Sun Harp was only intended to be shown... the performance later was a spontaneous addition and improvisation.

what is the "Sun Harp"?!?! what's it sound like? what's it look like? how is it tuned? how is it played? on any recordings?

I-) ihor

p.s. tell trudy "greetings from the saturn list" and we'll expect a full report of her travels when she's back by a terminal! :-)