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Calvin Tullos
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Re: Name thy star

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Hi Calvin,

What is the organization for naming asteriods or stars or dust particles???

'Official' names are given only by the International Astronomical Union and I doubt they'd name anything for Ra.

If you're just interested in a novelty sort of thing, there's the International Star Registery. ISR is a bogus outfit in Illinois which will 'sell' you a star for ~$40. You'll get a nifty star chart identifying your star and a certificate of ownership. Supposedly they 'register' your star's name too, though it's apparently only within their own data base. Last ISR certificate I looked at gave me the impression that they've worked their way through the SAO catalog and are now using stars out of the Hubble Guide Star Catalog.

ISR has an 800 number. Call 1-800-555-1212 and ask for it if you're interested.

-Bill Gawne (who loathes ISR, but understands that some people might want to buy their silly certificates any way.)

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