Sun Ra exhibition at Arlesheim/CH has opened

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Sun Ra exhibition at Arlesheim/CH has opened

So the Sun Ra exhibition at Arlesheim/Basel, Switzerland has opened...

It was quite a remarkable event. Trudy Morse was there, too. In addition to the planned and published agenda for the opening, Trudy recited poetry, accompanied by a violin virtuoso, Harald, and by Hartmut Geerken playing the Sun Harp.

To illustrate a little further and only as a side note: we first had to overcome some unforeseen obstacles. I wanted to pick up Trudy at the Basel train station, however I was more than late due to traffic, and culminating that I could not even cross the German-Swiss border on the first attempt as planned, due to my wife having the "wrong" passport, and now - surprisingly for us! - needing a visa; so I had to look for a place for my wife to stay in Germany (Munich - Basel is more than 400 kilometres distance), myself then continuing to Arlesheim, with the Sun Harp which I was carrying for Hartmut. Trudy was picked up meanwhile by somebody else. And I just arrived in time for the opening. The Sun Harp was only intended to be shown... the performance later was a spontaneous addition and improvisation.

For me, at least I also could meet and match some faces to names there which I only knew from here, SATURN, such as Trudy Morse, Otto Flueckiger, Armin Buettner ..

And rlc's discography is on exhibit there, too!