sun ra video-solution

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#1 Thu, 1994-09-08 09:15
Armin Buettner
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sun ra video-solution

Hi Everybody

Talking about the sun ra exhibition in Switzerland a lot of people were wondering what the video "Sun Ra in Europe" was.

Well here is the solution, There will be four clips shown:

  1. Ra in Montreux 1976
  2. Ra in Spain 1985
  3. Ra in Lugano 1986
  4. Ra in Lugano 1990

I think until now the montreux tape was only a rumour, but swiss tv taped it and broadcasted it in the same year.

Hope to see some of you saturnites in Switzerland at the exhibition. Last news is that Trudy Morse will most probably be there. And the museum officials are trying to get Don MOye for a small tribute. (He is in town anyway)

Ah and there are rumours that someone is going to release both lugano concerts on cd. Don`t ask me for further information about tjis project. I do not know anything about this.

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