Value of an autographed Sun Ra book

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Value of an autographed Sun Ra book

Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this,  I recently discovered in my "archives"  a Sun Ra book of poems

entitled "Immeasurable Equasions", autographed by the man himself with "Space age greetings from Sun RA" that I bought and had autographed (he was very kind to do that), when he played in 1976 at Michigan State's Wonders Kiva.  I was just wondering if there is any interest on this type of thing.


Great concert though. Probably in my top 5 of all time.  I asked him how the heck he does it every night, he said you have to change it up or you get bored.  The next day for his "workshop" he showed Space Is The Place. I got to sit by him and watching the movie for a bit, I  said, ya know,  they kinda make you look silly, he replied "those F**** white producers!".   :)   


Thank you



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