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futuristic cover

i have always liked the cover of 'futuristic sounds of sun ra',
released on the savoy label - the artwork, the colors, the
composition... the cover was painted by an artist called 'harvey'.
it turns out that this was not the only cover painted by harvey.
okay, maybe that was the only one for sun ra, but he did a lot of
other record album covers for savoy. there is a whole web site about
his artwork, along with scans of the known covers: 'There are 134 on
the Savoy label (including the 8 jazz/blues albums), 46 on the Gospel
label, 10 on Sharp and 7 on Regent.'. wow! quite a few look like
they were inspired by, or were the inspiration for, the 'futuristic'

http://www.harveyalbums.com/ the savoy and gospel covers are here

http://www.harveyalbums.com/27201.html jazz and blues covers
(including the 'futuristic' cover)


I-) ihor
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