magic city on 8 track

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magic city on 8 track

what i was looking for was this - an 8 track version of 'the magic
city'. i have excerpted the discographical info below, from the
original blog. and, you can listen to an mp3 of the 8-track!

I-) ihor


The excerpt below was converted from 8-track tape to digital audio.
The version of “The Magic City” available here is enriched by
occasional audio-bleed (adjacent tracks can be heard on the left hand
side – this is known as double-tracking).

…challenging, but not necessarily unpleasant for the ear.

“the magic city”

Stereo 8 (Impulse Records A 8027-9243) – Track Listing:
Program A: The Magic City (part 1)
Program B: The Magic City (part 2)
Program C: The Magic City (part 3) – The Shadow World (part 1)
Program D: The Shadow World (part 2) – Abstract Eye – Abstract “I”

LP – Track Listing:
Side A: The Magic City
Side B: The Shadow World – Abstract Eye – Abstract “I”

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